Conquerors in the New World

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One Spanish official remarked that “the maxim of the conqueror must be to settle.” Explain what you think he meant by this statement. Illustrate the various ways conquerors settled the New World, commenting on what worked, what did not work, and the consequences of those methods

The Spanish official ‘s remark could mean that the primary reason for the conquest of a foreign territory is to look for lands in order to find new places to inhabit and develop . In other words , the conqueror must expand a kingdom ‘s territory by finding new places wherein some of its citizens could transfer to these new regions and establish themselves by developing the lands and make their culture override the ones in existence in the foreign lands . Just like the Spanish conquerors who search the entire world to establish colonies by influencing the natives to embrace the Castillian culture and religion .The English settlers also brought with them their own government , laws ,and social norms .In the New World , various European races had come to the land to permanently settle . The more successful among them were the English colonizers who left their mother country to find better fortune in the Americas . At first , the early settlers were too few to survive hostile attacks from native Americans , causing them to perish . Later on ,particularly during the time of King James I , many Englishmen migrated to the New World primarily to escape religious persecution . Settlers traded and cooperated with Indian nations in order to survive the harshness of the new environment . They brought with them their own form of government and their own well-organized social culture . So long as the European settlers were content to live the natives alone , there was peace .What instigated trouble were the Europeans encroachment on Indian territories and getting involved with the natives ‘ wars in order to gain security and increase their land ownership . Through cunning and manipulation ,...
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