Conflict Analysis

Topics: Conflict resolution, Pearson Education, Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research Pages: 4 (1540 words) Published: August 23, 2013
The purpose of the conflict analysis is to analyse the conflict occured to the both parties. Other than that, I want to give the awareness to the society on how some unaccidentally scene could be the causes of the conflict. The video that I would like to analyse is the video “Marry Me” from Thailand Insurance Commercial company. The duration of this video is about 3 minutes. CONFLICT ANALYSIS

This video is about a young girl named Daow who was suffered from the final-stage leukimia. She have a conflict with her boyfriend. The conflict started when she rejected her boyfriend with the aggresive voice. Conflict is a situation where two or more individuals or groups try to pursue goals or ambitions which they believe they cannot share (Howard, 2003). Interpersonal and small group conflict occurs when people are interdependent ; what one person does has an effect on the other person (Devito, 2006). Other than that, it occurs when people see each other as interfering wih the attainment of their own goals (Hocker & Wilmot, 1985 ; Folger, Poole, & Stutman, 1997). From my opinion, the conflict is anything that First cause of this conflict is when Daow started to know that she have leukimia disease final stage. She was very dumbfounded and couldn’t say more. She just crying when she knew that she could only lived for only 60 days more. This is what we called latent conflict/prelude event. Latent conflict/prelude event is a period when the potential for conflict exists, but it has not yet developed (Paul, 1998). It exists whenever individuals, groups, organizations, or nations have differences that bother one or the other, but those differences are not great enough to cause one side to act to alter the situation. It is under the surface, not expressed openly. It is conflict waiting to happen. From the video, we could see that Daow had suffered with leukemia disease and she found out that as the differences between her and the man that she...

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