Comrade Yen Psychology

Topics: Family, Mother, Woman, Marriage, Father, Emotion / Pages: 5 (1041 words) / Published: Apr 14th, 2016
I believe that Comrade Yen has Generalized Anxiety Disorder in addition to Major Depressive Disorder. Do you think people's opinions about you could ruin your life ? Its an idea that most people would scoff at for blaming what happened in your life on the actions of others. However i'd like to ask you to consider the possibility of such in the following paper.

We are going to look at the life and problems of Comrade Yen a 40 year old teacher in china that has been on a gradual decline after the popularity fall of communism.From her background and her relationships with her family members currently.All of her medical and psychological seems to be connected to a very specific span of years in her life and choices she made.We will also
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She tired to move to a new area but it still did not get any better because she was still criticized for being overly smart and as a result she became a recluse and didn't talk to anyone she didn't have too. Because of the solitude she began to feel deeply disappointed in herself because of how important her family was and she being the daughter of a grate family was living in a poor community as a teacher to her felt like she let them down and seems to be the start of her major depression. This also makes me wonder why not try and get ahold of her friends and family from earlier in the city to have someone to talk to and keep her confidence up …show more content…
I believe that her depression is far more relevant to what is wrong with her because most of the things that she came to help for are direct symptoms of Major depression like: being anxious, how she describes herself ,The physical symptoms that she said are affecting her.Finding out she had general anxiety was more difficult since it's not what she talked but as I found out about her past and heard some of her more severe physical symptoms it made sense that she had general anxiety because of her hair falling out and the way she worries about her daughter and her job and it seems to be the only things she generally cares about

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