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Choosing one of the case studies that you developed within your group during the class, explain the cause of the person’s symptoms and construct an hypnoanalysis treatment plan and required outcome.

The initial consultation

Miss G - first child in a family of 3 girls, 1 boy (born later) where she recalled her parents were not so close (arguing regularly). She always felt her father was disappointed that she turned out not to be the boy he so wanted, and he was often ready to remind her. She had reasonable relations with her mother, but she had been ill for a while and died when Miss G was 15, making her teenage years difficult. Her father subsequently introduced his then secretary into the household as their ‘new’ mother and moved out against her father’s wishes. She entered into a relationship with a man who was somewhat older than her, got married (her father refused to attend the wedding) and had two children. Her husband later left her for another woman. Although she got on well with her siblings, she felt outside the family unit and has let go of these attachments slightly over the years.

Being shy, a redhead and of slight appearance, she was bullied at school and did not achieve anything outstanding academically. Since her husband left, she worked in various situations (mainly shopwork) these never lasted long as when she asked to perform duties that she felt were beyond her (using a till/computer), she admitted to feeling trapped due to her lack of skills and rather than be ‘found out’ would react in a defensive way and quit the job.

Her two children (girl/boy) had both got partners but their marriages had been bumpy. Her son had married but walked away from his wife after a year, met another woman with whom he had had 3 children, only to move on again. She blames herself in part for not having a male influence in the house during her son’s formative years. In the past she has had a few liaisons but nothing has come of them as she is so used to her own space that sharing it would need her to change, something she is not sure she wants to do.

She feels at a low ebb with work harder to find, close to her children but with certain reservations about how they have turned out, distanced from her other family as she has led a rather self-serving life. She feels she should have done better but it seems as if everything has been against her.

Based on tests, Miss G was found to have the following:
Modality – AuditoryScreed type – Authoritarian

Identifying client issues

This could have simply been a case of Cumulative Trauma (CT), given that the Initial Sensitising Event (ISE) lay back at her father’s attitude at her birth. He pointed out that she was not the child he had hoped for, only made worse by being unsupportive during her early years and, after her mother’s death, disregarding her. Added to this, a far from happy time at school.

Her mother’s terminal illness, the appearance of a stepmother, going off with a man who could be seen as a surrogate father figure, her own father’s turning his back on her and somewhat distant relationship with her siblings, her views on her own offspring’s lives and being unable to tackle her shortcomings at the workplace: all things that were beyond her rational control and that took their toll in her life. The ‘drip-drip’ effect has had a negative effect on her everyday existence, making it difficult to fit in and seemingly impossible to hold down a long-term relationship or job and turning the issues into a Compound Cumulative trauma (CCT).

Possible treatments

To tackle her current state of emotions that are causing her to feel a failure at whatever she does, we need to explore various therapies that could help her to undo the damage done in her childhood and also put her life into perspective, focussing on self-worth and letting go of any thoughts of self-blame.

Her worries form part of the anxiety/stress...
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