Computing Devices Used by Travel Agencies

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Project Report


SUBMMITED BY: Sec J Group no.13


We highly obliged and Thankful to “SHUKRIYA TRAVELS” which is located at NEW DELHI without which the project cannot reach to its success.

They not only devoted their valuable time to us but also tell us that in which sectors there organization operates and how all working take place.

Basically they are dealing in e-booking and the related
Services which are also provided by the organization.
SHUKRIYA TRAVELS is also in collaboration with well known YATRA.COM

* Introduction
* Methodology Used or Background
* Results
* Conclusions
* References

Shukriya Travels.
Cannought Palace, New Delhi.
Shukriya travels are a travel agency which works as group which sells services and products related to tours and travels. They act as a third party between the two, end-user and service supplier. They provide all types of facilities related to tours and travels. They also provide tour packages in domestic as well as in international locations. They have separate department for dealing in different areas. Group is colabrated with Yatra .com which deal in the online booking of:-- Services by Yatra .com

1. Flight Booking
2. Hotel Reservations
3. Holiday Packages
4. Cars & Bikes On rent
5. City guide
6. Corporate, or institutional travel.

Introduction to project
Ques: We have to find out computing devices or the IT tools used by travel agencies

Purpose of the project
To avail the knowledge about the various IT tools which are popular in modern business world.

The goal of this study is to... 
...To discover what IT tools are being used by various travel agencies.     
  ...To understand what makes the business of Travel agency successful.

Methodology we used
We visited the company , learn about various it tools they are using, we remain there for around 5 hours ,we also meet the manager of the company, one of our member also worked on the software for 5 bookings , and all the working we came to understand through concentrative observation. Background or Working

After discussing with the manager “Mr Neeraj Chawala”, we can describe the working of travel agency: ----- The person willing to travel have to first put the exact duration, money he wants to put, places he likes and their flexibility. The tools provide him the desired location where he can go. After selecting the place and amount the software allows the person to request for the particular travel giving it’s all the details along with all other desired information like food, luggage, duration, kind of stay etc.The request is then moved to the Agents sitting at the backend. The Agent/broker checks with all the relevant websites/travel tour makers and provides the best deal back, The deal may be sorted on the basis of “time of travel’, ‘amount required to travel’, ‘and date of travel’ etc. Mostly an Excel sheet with Macro enabled is used for checking all these things. For software information JAVA scripts are used like to get details of all the valid places and for the amount.

IT structure of Shukriya travels

IT structure of the firm is comprises of:-
COMPUTER is a electronic device which processes all the data given in the raw form and after processing it give out in the form of information which is useful to user Shukriya travels uses 12 Desktops and 2 Notebooks.

PRINTER is another one of the most important electronic device. It is use for output of the processed data in the form of hard copy. It is attached with the single or many computers to give output. SHUKRIYA TRAVELS is using 2 laser printer which is connected to all computers in the organization....
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