Computers Should Replace Teachers

Topics: Education, Psychology, Teacher Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Computers should replace teachers by: Raveeroj Period: 1 Length: 3 minutes Exact purpose: to convince the audience that computers should replace teachers.

Imagine a world where every education is taught by computers, electronic devices, robots, and my other things. How perfect would education be? The quality of education would be at the highest and it would be equalized for all the students. The best education for a student is the 1 by 1 by changing teachers to computers we would achieve that. The decision lies on you whether or not to improve the child education in the future. I have been tutored and taught in the class, I have noticed a lot of differences- you understand more from the things we have been taught .

Computers can makes lessons interesting. Computers can be developed by the best teachers that had the experience in making the class more interesting; when the students are having interest they are learning more from the subject they have been learning. When the students are having interest in class they will be smarter and strive to find information based on the subject. We just make the students expert in the section. When we learn more from one class it saves time.

Saving time from classes will make you graduate faster. Wouldn’t you like to graduate faster and spend fewer years in torture? Graduating fast would help find jobs and find experience from the jobs, then get a lot of money. Saving time could be achieved by the going forward without the dumber ones weighing you down like in the class which the teachers need to make the dumber ones understand then go forward.

Learning becomes fun. Learning for me could be a pain in the ass, with the boring teachers, with their lame speeches could just make you fall asleep, when you fall asleep they deduct your points simple as that. When learning becomes fun the students started wanting to go to school and experience the fun things with the computers, be fascinated by the creativity of the...
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