computers have made life easier

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I agree with the statement that computers have made life easier and more convenient. There are two reasons to support my idea. First of all, commuters enable us to save time and energy. For example, my professor said that it had taken one week to complete a thesis before his university introduced computers. Because he had to write all texts in handwriting, he could not sleep at all. As a result, he became sick and could not attend any classes. However, now he has a computer and write 20 pages thesis in a day, not in a week. Because he can copy and paste texts, he have plenty of time and energy to think about another thesis. As the example above shows, computers enable us to save and energy.

Technology played an important role in our societies. Many inventions have led to more food, more welfare, healthier and easier life. When it comes to computers some people believe that it made our lives very stressful and complex, but others maintain the opposite idea. As far as I am concerned, the latter carries more weight. We can have and reach more documents without occupying any room for them. Moreover, by using computers, we work more efficiently and it is possible to do projects, once were impractical.

When it comes to the issue of playing computer games, some people believe it is better for children to play them, while others maintain the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, the latter opinion carries more weight; because computer games are useful for future, informative, and full of experiments.
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