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Education by Computers – a Better Way?
This study examines the role of computers in education in order to show their importance in it and accordingly the reasons. The aim of the researcher is to show an irrefutable irreplaceability of computers in the educational industry, inclosing some notable facts and investigations. The researcher also provides some key advantages of the education by computers, comparing a traditional method of study with a study via computers.

Computers are the future, and it does not matter if we like it or not. Day by day they play more and more significant role in our life. Some people adore computers, being impossible to imagine their life without them. Others dislike computers admitting that computers has too big impact on every sphere of human being and try to avoid it Looking at these two opposite points of view, we can make a conclusion that there is nothing new and strange in the fact that people tend to value themselves more than some machine. So, all seems to be clear in this issue, but there appears another question, which concerns already not the problem of computers and human beings, but the problem of computers in education. Is it really a better way to be taught, or maybe a traditional method of education, using books, is more effective and, what is more, use-proven by the hundreds of years of study. There are a number of arguments stressing that computer technology deeply influences the education sector. “It seems that more and more often computers and technology are being used in an educational setting. This trend of wiring schools, using long distance learning, and reliance on the internet for information is seemingly being pushed forward without any real test or study on the usefulness of such technology on education”. (Hodorowicz). There are some advantages and disadvantages of using computers in education. According to the book “ Cross National Policies and Practices on Computers...

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