Using Technology to Advance Education

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Using Technology to Advance Learning
Foundations of Online Learning
American Military University

With the role of technology rapidly changing the world, we must change with it. During the 21st century our traditional approach to learning has changed forever. The traditional way of learning in a classroom setting has changed also. In the past, teachers have served as the primary source of information for students, but today teachers no longer lecture while students passively take notes, and I believe it’s safe to say those days are gone for good. Today you will find college students placing voice recorders on their desk for the class, instead of sitting in the class themselves. (Kozmar 2000) Teachers are now using video projectors and power point presentations as teaching tools for the modern day classroom, and this technology draws the students into the conversation and captivates their attention. This is used by teachers as an effective enabler for the students learning the curriculum. Our society in the United States has transformed into a technologically enhanced society. The children of today are commonly called the “Computer Generation”. (Neto 2007) We all now have the ability to shop, bank, and even read the news because of the internet. Teachers now use technology in daily curriculum to trigger a higher order of thinking, and how the curriculum is learned. (Neto 2007) During the last decade, schools across the country have had a significant increase of state and federal funding to implement new technology into classrooms. Congress has allocated billions of dollars in funding for the integrations of technology into classroom curriculum. The integration of computers and the internet has had a profound positive effect on students and there ability to learn in the classroom. The impact of the internet and computers, and there impact on classrooms is unprecedented. (Ed.Gov 2001) There are a lot of people who take...

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