Computerized Church Registry

Topics: Records management, Priest, Baptism / Pages: 60 (14931 words) / Published: Mar 5th, 2013
Chapter I
Project Context
The church holds a dominating place in Philippine society. The state recognizes it as a potent instrument in strengthening one’s faith in God; in shaping the good and morally accepted values of people; and in building an orderly and peaceful community. This recognition is manifested not only in people’s reliance upon it for seeking spiritual guidance but also in the acceptability of documents like baptismal certificates, marriage contracts and other documents issued by the church as authentic evidence in legal-related matters and other good purposes.
The Roman Catholic Church, a religion introduced in the country by the Spaniards has the most number of followers. The Saint Joseph the Worker Parish alone which is located in Diffun, Quirino has approximately 16,400 followers. Members of this church have to go through the usual rites as a manifestation and affirmation of their acceptance of the church’s doctrines like baptism and confirmation, covenants with their fellow Christians in marriage ceremonies, blessing of the dead and other activities, all of which require documentation written manually in the canonical books managed by church officials and or designated office staff. Parishes located in developing communities have limited office staff to assist church officials in managing canonical records. This staff also assists church officials in missionary work inaddition to their office functions. Considering the number of followers who request for said rites and those seek for issuance and re-issuance of certificates for varied purposes, church officials need to device a system of good records management to respond promptly to the needs of its clients.

Conceptual Paradigm
The Saint Joseph the Worker Parish, being the only Catholic Church in Diffun needs innovation, improvement and development in order to satisfy the problem in terms of parochial registry record management. It should have a Computerized Parochial

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