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The evaluation of the two shopping websites
Online shopping are now becoming a kind of trend in the contemporary society. Many people prefer shopping online than shop in the store or mall. In China, there are 1.42 billion this year. The industry of online shopping is booming in China. Even though during the period of the Great Depression, there is no impact on the online shopping in China. There are three steps of shopping online, the first one is the choice of product and the second step is the process to learn more about the goods , the last one is the wait of obtaining the goods. There is no doubt that more and more shopping websites are appearing in the market. Tmall and Amazon , both of them are shopping website, they have their character. But also a lot of differences between them exist in terms of the variety of the goods, the customer service, and the speed of the post, which impact the three steps of shopping online.

Customers want to a great experience during shopping online. I have done some research on the Tmall and Amazon, as well as my own experience. I am crazy about shopping online. The audience in which the research directly towards are those people who like shopping online. This has taken a large percentage of the population , also there are also a small percentage of the people who don nor care what kind of the shopping website is a good one, since they never shopping online.

Frist, it comes to the variety of the shopping website. Tmall has a huge variety of almost all the things that you can buy in the real market. Because there are so many seller on Tmall that one can choose which is the cheapest, which one is better in terms of the quality as well as the fees on shipping. For example, every time I shop on the Tmall, I always have opportunity to decide that which seller should I make a deal with. I want to buy an ipad on the Tmall, for example, when I search for the ipad ,there are 41,668 sellers who provide the ipad, thus I can have...
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