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Verifying Photo Validity: You are writing a research paper for your history class and have found a photo on the Web that you would like to use. You are cautious about using photos on the Web because of copyright issues and photos that have been altered digitally. How might you verify the validity of a photo on the Web?

​When using a source for a research paper it is always very important to verify the book, website, photo, etc. in order to verify the validity of a photo on the Web, people need to check the source as to wear it came from, if the website is not a website with substantial validation, then the photo is not a resource that they should use in their paper. Also there is now a Google “Search by Images” page. This allows people to copy and paste the picture into the search engine and see where it came from. If the sources that come up do not have accurate validation of the photo then it is not an appropriate resource that person should be using for his or her paper.

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Password Management: You must remember multiple user names and passwords to access various computer resources within your company. Each time your company introduces a new system, you must remember a new user name and password, some of which you are unable to customize. What steps will you take to manage your passwords?

​When managing passwords and user names that you were given by your company always make sure to write it down on a certain piece of paper and put it in a safe place. Nowadays there are so many things that you need to have a user name and password for. Work is one of the main things. When introducing a new system, and receiving a new user name and password create a paper that ahs the rest of your passwords and user names on there with a brief description of what the website is about. This will allow you to remember the website, but also have your user name and password handy. One more thing is that when creating this paper you must find a safe...
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