Ajax Digital Information Code of Ethics

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Ajax Digital Information Code of Ethics
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ITS1103 Ethics & Information Technology

Ajax Digital Information
Code of Ethics
We at Ajax Digital Information take pride in the professional appearance and actions of our employees. This is why we expect each one of our employees to uphold the highest moral standards while working at our establishment or accessing company data. Ajax Digital Information recognizes the threat of unethical activities to our establishment, and have created as set of mandatory guidelines. Here at ADI we plan to uphold the highest standards of business by providing professional, quality interactions with our customers and fellow employees. The following guidelines are expected to be upheld by all staff and employees, without exception: •Represent the company, professionally

Provide high quality work
Respect Fellow employees
Use all company property appropriately
Adhere to the highest moral standards and be an honestly, trustworthily, person 1) Guideline: Prevention & control of computer abuse
2) Guideline: Computer and network usage
3) Guideline: Accessing Internet & e-mail
4) Guideline: Preventing and Protecting against Viruses & other forms of Malware. 5) Guideline: Usage of licensed software, shareware, and software piracy 6) Guideline: Work Place Privacy & Monitoring

7) Guideline: Professional Responsibility in Identifying and resolving ethical Issues in IT

Section: 1- Guidelines for Prevention & Control of Computer Abuse 1. ADI Employee passwords are to be kept strictly confidential. Each user is solely responsible for the activity taking place under their I.D 2. Absolutely no company related information should be stored on a portable device. 3. Employees must exit their log-in session upon leaving the work station. 4. If ADI information is cleared for off-site use by management, you are solely responsible for the security of company data. This means using a secure connection, Double checking Anti-Virus and other security measures. 5. Any computer problems should be reported to management immediately and under no circumstances should they be attempted to be resolved by employees alone. 6. Sharing ADI Computers with anyone aside from management is strictly prohibited. 7. Attempting to access any ADI computer, without permission, will result in our company perusing legal action. 8. Absolutely no company information/data is to be share with those outside of the company. 9. ADI computers should not be accessed for any other purpose aside from the tasks assigned from management.

Section: 2- Guidelines for Computer and Network Usage
1. ADI data should only be transfer to the employees/management you are assigned to work with. 2. ADI Information/Data should only be transferred/accessed using our secure network. 3. Employees are prohibited from using any device, software, or hardware, not approved by ADI. 4. All computer and network usage must abide by all International/State/Federal law, as well as follow ADI guidelines. 5. Accessing explicit contentment, I.E Graphic or Pornographic material, has been blocked. Attempting to by-pass our filter or view this content in any way will result in termination or other legal actions. 6. ADI Computers, as well as its network, should only be used for company related tasks. 7. All work in forms of Data, Information, Hardware, Software or Shareware, is considered company property and must be surrendered upon leave/termination.

Section: 3- Guidelines for accessing Internet & E-mail
1. ADI secure connection must be used every time the employee is on a system with ADI information. 2. Personal e-mail must not be accessed.
3. No content unrelated to ADI may be accessed at anytime using an ADI computer/connection. This includes content of graphic or pornographic nature, social media websites, internet forums, or other content unrelated...

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