Computer-Aided Examination System

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This document is meant for describing all the features and procedures that were followed while developing the system. This document specially mentions the details of the project how it was developed, the primary requirement, as well as various features and functionalities of the project and the procedures followed in achieving these objectives. Computer Aided Examination System forms the lifeline of the Educational Institutes to the functioning of the Examination. It is very essential for an Institute to handle the Examinations and their results. It is very useful for an Institute to test its students continuously for their mutual development. This system is helpful for conducting (M.C) Multiple Choice Examinations which can be conducted during examinations as well as for surprise tests and provides immediate results saving the precious time of faculties to check the papers and prepare mark sheets. The IT initiatives have encouraged various Organizations to develop systems to facilitate their day to day operations. This system helps in conducting examinations quickly and can thus help in saving time and the operations will be carried out efficiently.  

Project Context
The long awaited arrival of information technology has made the world a much smaller place (Potter, 2010), because of the technological revolution; it has made the society to take a leap towards any point of success. Every invention in technology is a step towards the progress of mankind. Thousands of years ago, people would have hardly imagined communicating with other people on the other side of the globe; they could hardly advertise their products and service. But through the intelligent mankind who dared and dream of such revolutionary discoveries and they made the “impossible” possible; they made our daily life more comfortable and more productive (Oak, 2011).

The technology has influenced all sectors of human’s activity (Potter, 2010), whether you belong to any level in the industry; you have to make your presence online in order to survive in the current global scenario. Contemporary lifestyle has made the common man so attached to the online services and products that every company, corporations and business sectors has to make its presence online (Samal, 2011). This is a PHP – MySQL Based Computer Aided Examination System. Here Administrator creates Exam. First administrator creates a subject, then he uploads question and multiple choice answers. Administrator provides login information to Students. Complete project with database uploaded in this study. This project is developed for diploma students. Current computer based assessment models focus on the assessment of knowledge rather than deeper understandings, using multiple choice type questions, and blocking access to more sophisticated software tools. Students had divided opinions about using computers or paper for their examinations but prior exposure to computer based assessment was a highly significant factor for preferring the computer medium. Reflecting upon their experience, students found the noise of computer keyboards a distraction during the examination and preferred fewer on screen windows. The new system allowed examinations to be taken securely on student owned laptop computers and was supervised by invigilators without specialist information technology skills. Many educators ‘teach to the test’, with varying degrees of institutional support. Therefore for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to produce educational transformation, educators must consider which assessment techniques permit students to utilize the affordances of new technology.

World Wide Web has improved access to interact with people in different places all over the world for education, business options and even Exams Online. People live in one country and do trade in another. Competition has stepped up a niche for eligibility and examinations of international...
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