Technologies Determine Social Customs and Ethics: An Analysis

Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Technologies not only influence but actually determine social customs and ethics.

The advance of technologies is attributed to the further and deeper perception that humans rationally and logically explore the nature. Such advancement leads to the change of social customs and ethics that used to be accord with the former human understanding; after all social customs and ethics, by nature, are changeable. However, whether the influence of technologies over social customs and ethics are determining is still a question worth pondering and arguing.

Since human stared using tools to create things, technology has been penetrating into almost every aspect of people’s daily lives. In the contemporary world, with respect to technologies, computing technologies quickly come to mind. As a professor once said, I quote: “Electronic computation is the first to significantly amplify our mental abilities and furnish radical insights into the complexities and inner workings of our world. It is not just the ability to collect, store and process data on a massive scale, or even communication, but the opening of our minds to new and often hidden possibilities—that is real power.” There is no denying that the growth and spread of computing technology have been significant things that we witness and indeed experience personally. Cell phones, for example, have been through from rarity to ubiquity. They change lives without people’s notice. For instance, billions of people enjoy digital messages from phone to phone, yet it never occurs to people to think of the microprocessors and computer power required behind just a message. Nevertheless, texting has already become a part of our daily life and expanded another of way daily communication. Moreover, it renders long-distance calling much easier and more convenient. Lives are replete with hundreds of technologies.

Despite technologies do have influence over social customs and ethics, it is, however, unjustifiable to say that...
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