Comprehensive Analysis of Global Business Venture

Topics: Water, Water supply, Water quality Pages: 4 (1107 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Comprehensive Analysis of Global Business Venture
II.Region analysis
A.Regional alliances and economic integration
1.Regional trade and investments will be beneficial
2.Expanding trade to improve employment in the private sector 3.Strengthening international competitiveness and economic development 4.Rebuilding the economy and trade arrangements to attract foreign investors B.Physical environment and its affect on trade

1.Climatic conditions may affect how water is consumed
a.Population densities
b.Fragile ecosystems
c.Contaminated water resources
2.Limited access for exporting due to lack of infrastructure C.Political stability
1.Political stability is a priority if Haiti is to strengthen governmental institutions a.Promote socioeconomic development
b.Attract foreign investments
c.Strengthen the police, justice and prison system for economic growth and development D.Economic condition
1.Political violence
2.Basic social services such as water and irrigation, electricity, serviceable highways, sanitation, and unemployment E.Finance options available
1.International humanitarian agencies such as CARE, World Vision, and Church World Services to assist in the rebuilding of the Haiti’s social, environmental, and health conditions 2.Financing is very hard to obtain

3.Donations are accepted
4.The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded 8.5 million dollars to implement global learning initiative for the urban poor and improvement in basic water services and land F.Social, health, and environmental conditions

Social issues will be challenging due to resources allocated to financing social services such as education, health, water and sanitation, also family planning 1.Health issue such s contaminated water is the number one cause of infant mortality and illness to children due to unsafe water supply. This is caused by the contamination of water supply with human waste and the lack of...

References: Verner, D. & Edset, W. (2007). Social Resilience & State Fragility in Haiti:
World Bank
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