Competitive Force of Soft Drink Industry in Bangladesh.”

Topics: Soft drink, Sampling, Dhaka Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: April 16, 2013
1. Introduction

1.1 Background:
Our world is now in modern globalized era. At this 21st century our world has become speedy based on the developed technology. So the people living standard is being changed tremendously and for this many things are used for people to make their life comfort. Soft-drinks are the products to make people refreshing. This report has been prepared on this product on the topic “Competitive Force of Soft Drink Industry in Bangladesh.” This is a great opportunity to know about this industry through our report. This market is a competitive market by nature as several soft drinks companies is working in the market. Their different competitive tactics make us to learn how to survive in the competitive business market. As a student of BBA under school of business this type of knowledge is very much beneficial for us. This gives us practical knowledge about the commercial world. And therefore, it is mandatory for BBA students to prepare reports under BBA as a partial requirement. For this reason we have to prepare this report about competitive factors of Bangladesh soft drink industry.

Our faculty Mr. Moniruzzaman, Lecturer, School of Business, Bangladesh University of Business & Technology, has assigned to us this report writing as a part of our course study. We are sincerely thankful to him for assigning such type of a project work in a group of five members. We hope our work will meet his expectation.

1.2 Significance:
Soft drink industry is very profitable and thus in our country different soft companies has emerged. The competition level among these companies is very high. They always try to give their customers best product so that can earn loyalty. The output of this report may help to understand the situation of the current soft drink market and position of different brand in this industry.

1.3. Scope of the Report:
This report has been asked to prepare for analyzing competitive force of Soft drink industry...
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