Compensation Administration Course Outline

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Course Title and Code Name:Compensation Administration
Credit Unit/s:3
Prerequisite Course :



Throughout the program the Vincentian student are envisioned to demonstrate the following learning outcomes.

LO1 -Understand the basic information about the nature, function and purpose of Compensation Administration in the Philippine contexts and also in global situation, and why you should we study Compensation Administration. Be familiar with the labor market and recognize the relationship of labor demand and labor supply.

LO2 -Increased the knowledge on Philippine compensation wages and benefits its history and development, compensation environment, and factors that affects and might be affected by compensation. Increase the insight on various theories of economic development and compensation administration, the important contribution of wages as a buying power and basis of living including the role of top management in controlling and wages, salary and benefits.

LO3-Obtain knowledge on different types of incentive schemes its characteristics, functions and use. Also be knowledgeable on how to make an incentive plans

LO4-Acquire knowledge on in management incentives, and be able to differentiate the difference of managerial and professional employees how they differ with their functions, responsibility and scope. Elevate the students awareness on how to design incentives plan including monetary and non-monetary incentives.

LO5 -Able to discuss the various significant factors that affects compensation.

LO6 -Gain knowledge on wage supplements, how profit sharing affects workers productivity and be familiar with different types of wage supplements, its characteristics and purposes.

LO7 -Correctly pointed and explain the merit rating, what is merit rating, what is the use of merit rating. The Vincentian student also are expected to learn various merit rating method as an evaluation system for workers as basis of pay and promotion. And lastly, to be able to formulate or create their own merit rating program.

LO8-Vincentian students are expected to be knowledgeable on Job analysis including its purposes, objectives and also with the procedure involved in job analysis Moreover, the student should also clued up with Job description including its contents.

LO9-Appropriately value Job Evaluation as a systematic procedure for measuring the relative value and importance of occupation on the basis of common factors such as skills, training and effort for the purpose of determining wage and salary differential.

|LEARNING |COURSE CONTENT |LEARNING TASKS/ACTIVITIES | |OUTCOMES | | | |PRELIMS | |LO1 |Introduction to Compensation Administration its purposes and use, and its | | | |imperative role in management as a tool in motivating, developing and | | | |boosting morale of personnel’s. Wage and salary structure, factors | | | |affecting wages, wage levels, wage contract, labor unions labor | | | |legislation and minimum wage law. |...

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