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Topics: Quantitative research, Research, Scientific method Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Social science studies are very common and therefore require different methods be used to collect data. Max Travers and Michelle Newton-Francis both authored articles analyzing how to research and compare criminal justice. Travers article titled, “Understanding Comparison in Criminal Justice Research”, uses the common method of the positivist model. The positivist model uses statistics which help to provide adequate evidence for the police and criminal lawyers. Travers states that statistics should be used to avoid the use of common knowledge. Common knowledge comes from common sense which varies between people and societies, therefore the research collected would may not be accurate. .​Newton-Francis authored the article “Criminal Justice Research and Practice: Diverse Voices from the Field”, where it is stated that the primary use of criminal research should be opposite identity methods. Opposite Identity methods is where the researcher conducts research in an area other than their specific area of study. The reason is method is thought to be more affective is because more stringent measures are required and they will deal more effectively with the differences encountered during the research process. This is also known as quantitative and qualitative methods which normally include marginalized feminine gender. The study on women related matter is best done by men who actively voice the relevant issue with huge effectiveness. On the other hand, a contrast between the two articles is that Travers’ article uses qualitative methods to acquire most of the data. The qualitative method used is interviewing the affected people. The information attained is documented and the outcomes are analyzed by professional lawyers. The result of the qualitative methods used is affected by the factors that affect the quantitative research methods which causes variations in outcomes. 3

A similarity between the two articles is the use of poverty lawyer and the diversity...
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