Comparison of Moses and Odysseus
Topics: Hero, Moses, Israelites, Judaism, Fairy tale / Pages: 4 (1549 words) / Published: Nov 13th, 2006

The stories of heroes have been at the axis of nearly all cultures throughout history. Each different type of religion or culture has their own heroes or legends, each one of them having their differences to go along with the beliefs at hand. On the other hand, each and every hero also has their similarities, which therefore makes them the hero. The setting, events, and characters in each and every story may change, but the characteristics of the hero remain basically the same. Each person is usually made into a hero in a somewhat similar fashion. For example, many heroes begin as imperfect characters, and then begin some sort of quest which leads to them becoming a leader of what they are doing, and then the character goes through a personal transformation into a legendary hero of their people. Therefore, both Odysseus of the Greeks and Moses of the Jewish can both be considered as heroes to their people. In both cases, the person does not decide to be a hero, but they are instead chosen by a greater force, such as a god, to become the one. Both Moses and Odysseus perform three similar tasks. These are for the person to fulfill a destiny handed down to them by a greater power, undertake a journey where great sacrifices are made on his part to overcome difficult obstacles, and finally complete their legacy through the sharing of their stories for the greater good of the people that believe in the hero. Both Moses and Odysseus can be compared in that neither were perfect heroes, they both experienced some sort of quest, and they both experienced personal limitations along with a transformation.

The major differences between Odysseus and Moses are mostly relative. They both share practically the same qualities. They are universal heroes who could exist in any culture, context or time. Just like Odysseus and Moses, many heroes are made from the same qualities and have similar stories about how they came to be heroes. As a young man, Moses murdered an Egyptian who was

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