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Topics: Magna Carta, Parliament, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Carson Boorigie
Hon. World History
Mr. Huggins
Magna Carta
What is the chief goal of the Magna Carta, and why did the barons think that goal was important?
After reading the rules presented to me in the Magna Carta, I have determined what the main goal of this document is. To me, it seems that the main goal of this document is to take power away from the King himself with out giving to much power to the people. It seems like the barons who wrote this document tried to give an even share to the people it affected. An example of this is freedom to the church. This is the first rule in the Magna Carta, and it states that the church does not have to listen to the King and that they have the right to be free from being controlled my one single man or woman.

The people in my opinion were tired of the king’s control and wanted it to cease, this document helps free the rights of the people so they can have more liberties and freedom to make an easier life for them. This document helped women out especially and gave them many more freedoms than they previously had. Rule 7 and 8 helps them in this situation. Rule 7 states that if their spouse dies, they inherit their properties and gain extra benefits in their name. Rule 8 states that no woman is required to be married. I think that this I an important rule for women and this helped them out a large amount.

The most important rule in the Magna Carta in my opinion, which symbolizes the main goal of it, is rule 12, which states that no king can impose a tax with any reason or that is of no benefit to the kingdom itself. Financial responsibilities and physical implementation is the most important thing in any society, and false taxation without representation is a crime which can KILL any society. The barons in my opinion are creating this document and making the king sign it to make the place where the people reside safe and stable.

Even the way criminals were punished was changed. This document...
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