Comparison: American Nursing Association and National League for Nursing

Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: April 17, 2014
The ANA or American Nursing Association is a professional organization for RNs in the United States. It was founded in the 1800’s. Its mission is to be involved in public education, clinical nursing standards, and lobbying lawmakers to advance the profession of Nursing. The ANA is important because it addresses ethics, public policy, and the economic and general welfare of nurses. The ANA is the only professional nursing organization that represents 3.1 million RN’s. Belonging to the ANA is not something that is free. To be a member of the ANA it will cost you $183 a year, and with the State of Michigan dues it would cost you a total of $258. The NLN or National League for Nursing is an organization that is open to all people who are interested in nursing. Like nurses, nonnurses, and agencies. The NLN was founded in 1952, and its objective is to foster the development and improvement of all nursing services and nursing education. The NLN is the largest testing service in the United States; it includes pre-entrance exams for potential students and tests to measure the student’s progress. The NLN is also the primary source when it comes to surveys of schools and surveys of new RN’s. The NLN also provides voluntary accreditation for educational programs in nursing. Like the ANA the NLN cost money to belong to. The NLN though is cheaper than the ANA only costing you $120 a year. It is very important for a nurse to belong to a nursing association such as the ANA or the NLN, to develop her/his leadership skills, improve networking and find supporters. Being actively involved with a professional organization, allows nurses to work together to have a powerful voice in legislation regarding critical healthcare issues, it also keeps nurses up-to-date about all the related issues such as new laws that may affect the nursing practice. The opportunity to continue education (often for minimal or no cost), which is required to maintain the license, is another important reason...
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