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One of the biggest problems scholars face at the end of the high school is choosing the right university. We are all aware how that is a decision that determines our future life. First problem that we face is choosing the most suitable major, and than our decision gets stuck on choosing the university that would provide it in the best way. You have often heard dilemmas and discussions about foreign universities and state ones. Webster University as a representative of a foreign university is similar to my state university of Bosnia but there are some great differences worth mentioning. Webster University is one of the American universities that not only provides you with high quality competence in your major, but also gives you a general education, that builds you up as an intellectual. It is a useful thing to cover your degree not only being successful in your area but also to have a basic knowledge about other things that are surrounding you. In that way you develop and spread your perspectives by being informed in all fields. Well equipped classes, provide students with an easy working environment. Groups of maximum 20 people allow students to ask for clarifications, give their opinion and develop their thoughts. Those kinds of groups give an opportunity to students to open a discussion and allow everyone to express themselves. That kind of environment brings you closer not only with your colleagues, but also with your teachers. All kinds of questions are welcomed in the class and each teacher seeks the best way to help you understand certain issue and clarify everything that wasn't understood. They would dedicate as much time needed in revising and explaining things that were unclear to students. Guest speakers might hold some of the classes, which help you in your studies as well. It is helpful to be part of the lectures held by an expert, besides your high-qualified teacher, who might present certain issues from another perspective. Guest speakers always...
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