Comparing two poems

Topics: Poetry, Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Pages: 3 (1326 words) Published: February 10, 2014
To write a comparative poem between two poems
Limbo and Caged Bird are two very similar poems. They are mainly about one matter-freedom of captivity. Freedom is what the poems characters desire and hope to have. Freedom is their need and wants to be joyful and happy. I have picked these two poems, which link in many different ways, because they have interesting descriptions of the scene and tell us what the atmosphere is like. Furthermore, the authors, Braithwaite and Maya Angelou have used different techniques to portray feelings and show the events occurring. Limbo has a main character who is explaining her thoughts throughout the poem. ‘Silence in front of me’ creates a picture of her standing with the simplicity of the surroundings. In addition, it is suggesting how dreadful it is to be alone on the ‘long dark deck’. These three words create the setting in a sorrowful way, which also has impact on the reader, suggesting that she has no company and the days are tirelessly long. As a result, her surroundings are dark and dreary. Caged Bird relates to limbo in having a main character that is described throughout. ‘The caged bird sings’ shows us what the bird loves and longs to do all the time. In addition, Maya Angelou explains how the caged bird is alone and has nothing apart from singing and keeping itself entertained whilst going through the sad times. ‘He names the sky his own’ proves the point of him having no company as there must be no other birds or organisms flying around therefore the sky would be empty so the caged bird wishes to be up there flying and singing its heart out but cannot. The poem Limbo has an item used as if it was a second main character. It is like the part needed for the poem otherwise it would not work and in this case it is a ship. The ship can be getting ready to go the endless journey is shown where it say: ‘And the ship like it ready’ suggests the atmosphere is building up with suspense. In addition, the ship would be ready to...
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