Comparing The United States and Egyptian Constitutions

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Introduction to Public Policy


There are many similarities and differences between the United States and Egyptian constitutions. Among the topics of equality, liberty, and participation I found many interesting articles of both constitutions that resembled each other very closely, and held the same fundamental ideas behind them.

Equality for Women

I found that both constitutions carried out the principal of equality very similarly. For example, both constitutions covered women’s rights in a similar way by assuring women will be made politically and socially equal to men. The Egyptian constitution addresses women as being mans equal, and “women are the sisters of men and partners in all national gains and responsibilities.” (Egyptian Constitution). This assures that women be held to the same level of responsibility as men, and will also be entitled to the same credit for any national triumphs. In terms of voting both countries show a strong belief in assuring equality for woman. The Egyptian constitution states, “Every citizen shall have the right to vote, run for elections, and express opinions in referendums, according to the provisions of the law.” (Egyptian Constitution). This means it will not exclude women from participating in the voting process or for participating in office, which is suppose to give them the exact equality that men of Egypt receive. This is like the United States, where amendment 19 or “Women's Suffrage” it states, “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex” (United States Constitution). This means women will always have the right to vote and it will be ensured by congress to remain upheld. Contrasting Equality

In terms of race the Egyptian and United States government have opposing views. The United States government includes Amendment 15, which covers racial equality for United States citizens. “The right of...
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