The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution: A Comparison

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Comparing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, it is clear that there are many differences in things such as interests and intentions. As I have read through the documents and researched others insight on the documents I have found the differences very interesting. The declaration seems as more of a plead and emancipation for the original colonies. The overall tone and attitude of the declaration is the emotion from events that lead to the break away from Great Britain. Where the Constitution is more of a plan to generate considerable power, which contrasted from the earlier republicans.
Something I found interesting was the group of signers on each document. I found that there were only a few men who signed both documents. This shows the contrast between the Hamilton Federalism and the Jeffersonian republicanism, which separates the two documents. The Declaration is a perspective on a government that is focused on individual rights of the people. The constitution is seen more as an organization of government, giving it some system.
Of course, the overall tones of these documents are different. The Declaration has a lot of emotion and heart, and overall excitement. The Constitution lacks this overall feel. Rather than being a straightforward idea, the constitution is a complex set of guidelines for the government to model after. The worry of the authors of the Declaration was that the people’s individual rights were being victimized by the Bill of Rights. For example Article IX: “the enumeration of the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."
As they are both revered documents, The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution differ in the purpose of being written. Without either of these historical and famous documents our country wouldn’t be what it is

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