Comparing the Properties of Fresh and Salt Water

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Freshwater vs. Saltwater Aquariums

C. Kevin Barr


Andrea Bear

August 28, 2012


Freshwater vs. Saltwater Comparison

There are many differences when it comes to freshwater versus saltwater aquariums. We'll try and shed some light on some of the differences when it comes to tank types, aquarium setup costs, maintenance tasks associated with both tanks, and general cost of fish needed to maintain the aquariums. If you are thinking about this process than you will need to read this comparison since we have vast knowledge and experience converting these tanks. Please keep in mind that both setups allows the enjoyment and tranquility of the owner to watch the activity of the aquarium and lose themselves in the moment and forget about the daily stress of life.

In the freshwater environment there are different types of start ups that can be considered. These types of tanks range from natural setup, plain goldfish setup, planted tank setup, and different fish type setups. These types of aquariums do not vary that much in start up costs since there is not much variation in material needed for the start up. The saltwater world also has different tank types. These range from just having fish only in your tank, having fish with live rock, to having what is known as a reef tank. Of course the price of these setups are all different dependent on the type of setup you would like to choose from. Fish only tanks should be considered if there are limited funds available since these are considered to be on the low end for start up costs while the reef tank setup will require a higher investment cost.

Let's start with the initial setup costs for starting a fish only system for both types of aquariums. Below is an equipment list that you will need for the initial...

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