Goldfish Maybe?
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“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!” (Seuss) Although would it not be cool if I had a gold fish? It may sound like a bad idea because it is an animal in the house but what if there were benefits to having a gold fish? The fish would help teach me responsibility, with no trips to the vet, along with no hair on the furniture. Now wouldn’t that make it worth it?

As a parent the first question that may be asked is how will a goldfish teach responsibility? While you do still have to feed it and clean the fish bowl, which may require some help, the care of a gold fish is not that hard. Oh sure you think the fish might not get fed a day or two. To your surprise statistics show doing something for twenty days in a row commits it to memory. Most experts say a gold fish is a fantastic starter pet for children. All my friends have gold fish as pets. I’m tired of being different. I want to be like my friends.

More importantly, what about the costly trips to the vet? With a gold fish in the house you can eliminate those trips. On average, just a trip to the vet cost $80 a year. That’s just for a vet visit and shots. Therefore when a dog gets sick it would cost more. Yes there are expenses for a fish but they are less costly and more spread out.

Not to mention how pesky dog and cat hair is. Isn’t it so annoying when it gets all over the carpet and furniture? That means no lint rollers to get the hair off your clothes or off the couch before grandma gets here. Another advantage to a gold fish is there are no messes to clean up. With that in mind, there would be no long walks when it is cold or raining outside. This means no worrying about the fish running away from home. Which means no looking for a stinky fish at three in the morning or having to deal with “lost fish” flyers?

On the other hand, people say goldfish die too quickly. Have they ever stopped to think why? Chances are it was not the goldfish but the care

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