Comparing and Contrasting Ideas of Brooke and Owen

Topics: Poetry, Rupert Brooke, Literature Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: January 8, 2011
in my iop,using wilfred owen’s dulce et decorum est I would would like to contest roperrt brookes pro war or rather patriotic ideology , in effect the iop contradicts every statement or thought brooke through owens ideas and his use of literaray techniques.i will do this by contradicting the different views of both the poets which they have expressed by the use of literary techniques like imagery, the tone/atmosphere of the poem ,comparing thier ideas and messages and their style of writing.both the poets were soldiers during the world war 1 and noth have different points of view about war..owen opposes the idea of war and debunks the myths about war touted by poet like roopert broke who glorified war and believed it was right for one to sacrifice their life for ones country. Poems regarding the subject of war typically fall into one of two categories, ones that idealise and glorify war and ones that highlight the horror and cruelty of war .The soldier by roopert broke falls into the first category,and dulce et decorum est falls into the latter category.both the poems have one thing in commom,they both talk about the death of a soldier. Both brooke and owen use the death as the soldier as a medium to express their idea about war. Brooke uses the words “richer dust” to discribe the soldiers’ ashes, he means to say that dying has made them richer perhaps because they have earned the glory of sacrificing their lives for their country.
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