Comparing Adams with Backus and Chapian

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Theory Comparisons 1

Comparing and Contrasting

Crabb’s Effective Biblical Counseling with

Hawkins Model For Guiding

The Counseling Process

Craig L. Rich

Counseling 507

Dr. Evans

Liberty University

August 27, 2012

Comparing Theories 2
In this paper, I will discussing Crabb’s Effective Biblical Counseling (1977) and the Hawkins Model for Guiding the Counseling Process (n.d.). I will begin by describing each of these theories, than I will discuss their similarities and differences, and lastly, I will critique each of them.

Hawkins Model for Guiding the Counseling Process
Hawkins’ (n.d.) model for guiding the counseling process contains five concentric circles. Starting from the inside and moving outward, the circles are the core self, soul, physical body, temporal systems, and supernatural systems. Inside the core circle is the image of God, sin, breath of life, and the human spirit. The soul circle contains thinking, feeling, emotions, volition, and conscience. The physical body is the third of these circles and is self-explanatory. The fourth circle contains the temporal systems. This circle includes: family, friends, church, education, economy, society, and government. The outer-most circle, the supernatural circle, contains God (trinity), good angels, bad angels, demons, and Satan.

Hawkins (n.d.) describes the process of counseling in such a way that it includes concentric circles diagramming self, forces shaping personality, a strategy for intervention, and shaping a response. He has devised a four-phase checklist to help make certain that treatment is on the right track. In phase one, the client does the talking and it is the role of the therapist to listen to their story and to understand what the client is trying to tell them. The second phase consists of the therapist proposing and pre-testing and then doing a reality check. The next phase involves material provided from the therapist. The therapist directs the formulation of an action plan and the client takes ownership of the implementation of the plan. In the final phase, the client arranges for accountability to a community and is there support given by the therapist for the decision of the client to commit to change. Importantly, there is adaption to the preferences of the client. It is done in a loving manner love under the authority of the word of God.

Comparing Theories 3
Crabb’s Effective Biblical Counseling
In the book, Effective Biblical Counseling by Dr. Larry Crabb (1977), he describes four different approaches to integrating psychology and theology. These approaches include separate but equal, tossed salad, nothing buttery, and spoiling the Egyptians.

In the separate but equal approach theology and psychology hold the same amount of importance but they are never combined due a wall between them.
The tossed salad approach mixes theology and psychology like one would mix up a salad. In this mixed approach, the idea of whether the psychology aspect is scripturally sound or not holds no importance. Dr. Crabb feels that this is an inappropriate approach because he feels that Scripture needs to be looked at to determine if the psychology we intend to use is Scripturally and biblically sound.

Another approach he describes is called nothing buttery. In this approach, the Scripture is all we need. Psychology is not to be used because the word of God is all that is required to attend to the psychological needs of people.

In the spoiling the Egyptians approach, theology and psychology are both used in counseling by the therapist. What separates this from the tossed salad approach is that the psychological...

References: Crabb, L. (1977). Effective Biblical Counseling. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan.
Liberty University. (n.d.) Presentation: Hawkins’Model for Guiding the Counseling
Process. [Video podcast] retrieved from
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