Compare with Two Country Korea and Vietnam

Topics: East China Sea, South Korea, Korea Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Compare and contrast two countries – Korea and Vietnam
Korea and Vietnam are different countries in the world. However, they also have some similarities. Like Korea, Vietnam is a rapidly developing country. This essay is going to compare two countries in some features such as location, climate, and natural landscape.

Korea and Vietnam have both similarities and differences in terms of location. Both Korea and Vietnam are adjacent to China. Although they are both in Asia, Korea is in the North eastern part of the Asian continent, whereas Vietnam is in the South eastern part of the Asian continent. Additionally, Korea is surrounded by two seas, Yellow Sea and East Sea, while Vietnam is surrounded by the South China Sea. Besides, the land area of Korea is not as large as Vietnam. The total land area of Vietnam is approximately 331,200 square kilometres. In comparison, the total land area of Korea is about 99,200 square kilometres.

Some characteristics of the climate are similar between Korea and Vietnam whereas they also have differences. Not only Vietnam but also Korea has four seasons. Also, they are all affected by the oceanic climate in summer which the sea breeze blown to the mainland from ocean. Thus, they are very humid in summer. Additionally, they are both affected by the continental climate in winter which the dry winds blow to the ocean from mainland. Therefore, Korea is very dry in winter; Vietnam is, too. On the other head, the weather of Vietnam is hotter than Korea in summer. Whereas the average of the highest temperature in Vietnam is 33 °C, the average of the highest temperature in Korea is 31 °C. In contrast, the weather of Korea is colder than Vietnam in winter. In Korea, the average of the lowest temperature is -10 °C, but in Vietnam is 13 °C.

Korea has similarities and differences in their natural landscape, just as Vietnam has. Korea has two natural harbours, and Vietnam has too. On the other hand, Korea has more mountains than...

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