Topics: Hamburger, Big Mac, Coca-Cola Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Ida Borin
Professor Crooker
Marketing Principles
October 2, 2014
McDonald in the Global Market
As I visited each site of each country, the similarities in products that McDonald offerings around the world are the burger sandwiches, dessert, lunch set menu, happy meal for kids, and drinks. The difference in the products offerings also different kind sandwich flavors, how many different type of cold, hot drinks, and dessert depend on the countries' weather, website color layout, and service they offering.

One thing I find interesting is McDonald's Big Mac is on every menu of all 10 countries that I did research on. Coffee drinks also common on their menu with different kind of taste. Only 3 or 4 countries out of 10 have the same kind of coffee drinks offer on menu. The chicken nuggets menu found almost in every menu too . Coke or coca cola drink is really popular all over the world. I saw it in every menu, and it is the first one on the list of drinks and shown on the picture of the set menu and/or lunch menu.

The differences in product offerings are really unlikely compare to each other. In the South Korea menu, I saw one sandwich named bulgogi burger. This one sandwich is one of a kind for South Korean. On the Thai menu, I notice a lot of cold drinks and cold dessert since Thailand is hot for all year long. Whereas the two countries located in middle east and Africa, Egypt and Israel, I notice there are more wrap and salad menu than any other countries. One last thing that caught my attention is the website layout. For Japan's website layout is really special than others. For other countries' website color layout, they use colors that pop up to our eyes such as red with yellow, green with yellow. As for the background they use neither black or white. However for Japan's website color, they use light brown with gray color as the background. This really how Japanese culture shown to others.

From the perspective of global product or service...
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