Compare How ‘Who’s for the Game?’ and ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ Present War and How They Reflect the Authors View Point

Topics: Dulce et Decorum Est, Poetry, Jessie Pope Pages: 2 (925 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Compare how ‘Who’s for the Game?’ and ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ present war and how they reflect the authors view point.

‘Who’s for the Game?’ was written by Jessie Pope in 1915 (At the beginning of the First World War). Jessie Pope was an English poet who began writing for Punch; between 1902 and 1922 she supplied 170 poems to the magazine. She was a prolific writer of humorous verse, articles, and short stories, which were published in many newspapers including the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the Evening Standard, The Queen, and the Westminster Gazette. The purpose of the poem ‘Who’s for the game?’ is to persuade men to become part of the army and fight for England. The main message in this poem is if you join the army then you will feel a true champion and it will be glorious. She describes the war as being a glorious and triumphant place and a place where you are very heroic and although it may be challenging you will have a laugh. This is an unrealistic poem of the reality of war. ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ was written in 1917 during the last stages of the war. This poem was written by Wilfred Owen, an English poet who experienced the reality of war whilst fighting on the Western front. He died in action one week before the conclusion of the war. The purpose of this poem was to show everyone that war was nothing like what Jessie Pope had said it was. The main message in this poem is war makes you feel so tired you can hardly walk and if you happen not to be physically killed then you are mentally killed. This is a very realistic poem about how tired and frail the soldiers were and how it destroyed them. In ‘Who’s for the Game’ the main purpose of this poem is to make you join up. Firstly the title of this poem shows this; it makes the men feel as if it is a competition and they want to prove to their families that they are strong and heroic. It also suggests that it is a bit of a challenge, which makes men believe that they must join up to become...
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