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Opera and Musicals

Opera and musicals are popular performing arts of the world. Since a majority of people think that musicals are a lighter and an easier genre of performing art than opera, musicals are more widely appreciated than opera in this century. Opera and musicals both consist of music, stage, story, performer and audience, however, there are numerous differences among these elements.

Opera’s history begins in Italy in late 16th century with a group called Camerata. Camerata was a group of young musicians and poets in Florence, people who were studying new music invented opera by reproducing ancient Greek dramas. While the origin of opera can be found clearly in time and space, the origin of musicals are ambiguous; because, musicals have been developed from the tradition of opera. The origin of musicals can begin with Musical Farce that is originated in England in the 17th century, or Musical Comedy and Musical Play in late the 19th century, or Broad way Musicals developed in New York in the 20th century. Both opera and musicals have satirized issues and events in old societies; in modern society, they are perceived as performing arts loved by world people. Opera and musicals have different rules and features in their performances. Opera has more simple stages when musicals usually have various styles of stages. Opera’s stage seldom changes while performing, and costumes are neat and formal; musical’s stage changes its stage sets in diverse ways while performing, and costumes are more characterized. The stories of opera are limited in classic literature and classic music. In contrast, the stories of musicals are unrestricted; classic literature, revision of old literature, and recent creation can be used. Therefore, the backgrounds of opera are limited in old days, but musicals’ background may transcend not only time but also space.

Music is the most important element in both opera and musicals. Opera always use a live orchestral accompaniment...
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