Compare&Contrast the Contributions of Henri Fayol & Frederick Taylor in Management Thoughts.

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Compare&contrast the contributions of Henri Fayol & Frederick Taylor in Management Thoughts.
Revolution of the 19th Century has paved the way to the development of an organized systematic approach to management. In the classical approach, there are two main subgroups: Scientific management of Frederick Taylor and general administrative theory of Henri Fayol. Here to discuss the differences and similarities between them.

Difference between them can be found in these areas:
Frederick Taylor’s theory focuses on individual worker-machine relationships in manufacturing plants, while Henri Fayol focuses on the top managers and their actions. This is the basic difference that Taylor reviewed the organization from the bottom and Fayol view it from the top (George, 1968).

Key concepts:
Frederick Taylor’s scientific management theory analyzed work using scientific methods to determine the one best way to complete production tasks & emphasized study of tasks, selection and training of workers, and cooperation between workers and management. However, Henri Fayol came up with the famous 5 functions and 14 principles of management.

Frederick Taylor’s theory improved factory productivity and efficiency significantly and was the first one to introduced scientific analysis to the workplace. Besides, its piece-rate system which equated worker rewards and performance improve workers’ performance and it instilled cooperation between management and workers.In contrast to Henri Fayol’s theory, It viewed management as a profession that can be trained and developed and emphasized the broad policy aspects of top-level managers. In addition, it underlined all elements necessary to organize and manage corporation as a whole, so it is more systematic.

Rights of workers:
Scientific management misread the human side of work. Frederick Taylor failed to recognize that workers also have social needs, participation in decision making and that...

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