Compare Batman to Beauwulf

Topics: Beowulf, Batman, Grendel's mother Pages: 3 (1218 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Riveting tales of fortune, valor, and heroism he kind of tale where this larger then life characters go off on epic adventures in search of honor and treasure and also fight some amazing foes along the way. These tales can come in many different styles, themes, and ways they are told, but one thing all of these stories have in common is an epic hero. But what is a hero? To me a hero is a person the stands up for the ones that cant help themselves, a person that no matter the challenge will persevere, and a person that will sacrifice it all for the people he or she loves. That brings me to my heroes Beowulf and Batman these two characters are perfect example of these traits they show this though their selfless deeds and displays that they have performed over the years. And starting it off we will talk about the amazing feats of Beowulf and his heroic traits in his epic poem.

Beowulf show strength in battle like no other of his kind he battles with the fiercest of monsters just for the common good and well, for mounds of treasure. Beowulf shows one of the heroic traits I have talked about quite early in his story he travels across the sea in search of the Geats because their mead hall is being terrorized by a terrible monster named Grendel. He shows his willingness to help others even when no other man could fight this beast he took on the challenge and he won too. Second, Beowulf shows his determination because after his fight with Grendel he has thought he had won and the mead hall was safe, but he was proved wrong when Grendel’s mother comes for a visit and kills Beowulf’s men. This would be a time where a man not as great would of ran with his tail between his knees but not Beowulf he took on this challenge and went right to her lair and killed her too. This man just can not be stopped well at least by these petty monsters. After Beowulf returns home and he becomes a king after many long years ruling his nation he decides he need one last battle the battle...
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