compare and contrast of the heat of the night

Topics: In the Heat of the Night, They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!, The Organization Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: February 4, 2014
“In the heat of the night” is a novel written by John Ball who is a famous detective novel. In this essay I will discuss about the differences between the book and the film of “In the heat of the night”. The book gives you more details about what is happening and it is more interesting. The film doesn’t give as much details as the book does, the film changes some things and it makes it less interesting. In the book the story is taking place in Wells. In the film the story is taking place in Sparta. In the book “Virgil Tibbs” is from Pasadena CA, in the film “Virgil” is from Pasadena PA (north). In the book the body is of Enrico Mantoli and in the film the body is of Colbert. In the book when Gillespie asks Virgil if he can look at the body he says “yes”. In the film when Gillespie asks Virgil to look at the body he says that he is not an expert. In the book Sam and Ralph talk about racist, in the film the skip the “borders” discussion. In the book they suspected that somebody wanted to stop the music festival (Kaufmann). In the film they suspected that somebody killed Colbert to stop the factory that would bring more African Americans workers. In the book Endicott helps Virgil in the case and in the film Endicott is a suspect. In the book when Sam Woods is arrested Virgil didn’t visited him in jail. In the film when Sam Woods is arrested Virgil went and visited him. In the book Sam didn’t arrested the guilty and in the film Sam arrested the guilty. In my opinion I think that the book is better than the film because for me it is more interesting than the film. But both of them are good in their own ways.
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