Compare and Contrast Nikon with Canon in Digital SLR Cameras

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Compare and Contrast Nikon with Canon in Digital SLR Cameras Jingfan Chen
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Compare and Contrast Nikon with Canon in Digital SLR Cameras Introduction
Today Nikon and Canon constantly battle for the top position in the digital SLR cameras market. These two companies were the first to make the leap from film to digital, and their initial impressions in the market make them the dominant players. Nowadays, a growing number of individuals want to have their own digital SLR cameras, and it is no longer a luxury to the public. People always wonder which camera is right for them, and it is a common question when consumers start to compare the most competitive two brands Nikon and Canon in digital SLR cameras. This article will help you be accessible to know which is more useful for you in a professional position. After comparing and contrasting the product features, user-friendliness and after-sales services, we could find the key differences between the two brands, Nikon appears to be the better product on the market. Features

Initially, we take the features of Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras into consideration. Obviously, Canon is a world famous corporate for electronic devices, but when it comes to the specific field in camera, Nikon may appeal to you more with the notably feature effects. When you select a digital SLR camera from a camera store, the most valued point for you is the camera’s features. For example, Canon 650D and the Nikon D3200 were both released last year, Canon 650D is sold at $650 with 18 megapixels and 9 autofocus, but the Nikon D3200 is sold at $597 with 24.2 megapixels and 11 autofocus. From the camera guidebook, Canon has fewer pixels in the digital SLR cameras than the same level Nikon. Nikon do the best in this respect due to the five-year secret plan for new products’ core technical in the digital SLR cameras and lenses field, which makes sure its products features are more advanced than rest brands in the market. To make this issue more clearly, we should concentrate on a series of features about the two popular models of both brands, Canon 1100D and Nikon D3200. First, the most favourable feature for camera is the pixel. Nikon D3200 has 24.2 megapixels nearly twice as the Canon 1100D. Next, a higher ISO sensitivity will require less light to properly expose a picture in the camera than a lower ISO, Nikon D3200 has wider ISO ranging from 100 to 12800 than the Canon 1100D from 100 to 6400. At last, in a digital camera, the LCD works for reviewing photos, displaying menu options, and serving as a live viewfinder Nikon D3200 has 3 inch static with 921,000 dots much more than 2.7 inch static with 230,000 dots in Canon 1100D for LCD screen. When all these features combine with the creative lighting system in Nikon, the camera would become extremely attractive. As a whole, Nikon’s camera is cost-effective to have the creative lighting operation system with advanced features. User-friendliness

Secondly, we need pay attention to the user-friendliness,Nikon has convenient operation and high efficiency for their users. However, Canon always design a button used for multi functions, so that the efficiency of the camera tends to be affected. What I meant by, Canon focus on the different design, it has different series of product for individual use. When you use a button to set the operation system, you will run into another role unconsciously due to the different purpose for the same button or familiar options. If it is your first time to use Canon, you may feel confused by the instructions, and you need quantity time to figure out how to use it correctly. Once that you want somebody to take a family photo for you during the family vocation, you need to explain the specific options to him or her due to the individual design by Canon. Canon takes more concerns about the special design...
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