Compare and Contrast in Pygmalion

Topics: English-language films, George Bernard Shaw, Play Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Thesis :
Nora and Eliza both share similar lives in their houses and in the society, although their difference is that Nora knew how to be a lady while Eliza didn’t.

Compare and contrast essay :
Shaw and Ibsen excelled their views considering women in society. Both writers share the same theme of their characters’ transformation. The dramas have shown two women who are rebelliously different than other women of that time. While fighting for their freedom and for a better life they are breaking moral rules of their time.

In Pygmalion, Shaw presents a person born in a low class who gets the opportunity to learn correct speech and manners in order to become as those from higher classes of society. On the other hand Ibsen shows a lady who is being manipulated by the time and place in which she lives in, who later on decides to begin her own journey and learn more about living independently no matter what. Nora and Eliza both want to experience life in a different way and they want to accomplish it by learning, which perfectly connects these two dramas. Both of these women had problems because of their sex, one was considered as a doll from the beginning and the other one was considered a dirty street walker. The plays start to connect between each other in the moment when Eliza goes to Mr. Higgins and starts learning. With learning came obligations and restrictions. Mr. Higgins was partly, if not mostly like Nora’s husband. They are both women who have a strong personality and do not accept to depend on anybody, which contrasts with the culture and time they were living in. Eliza is just like Nora becoming a doll, a puppet on strings while she’s being controlled by Mr. Higgins. Ibsen and Shaw both saw women as different than men and less free than men who have enough liberty to control the women. Mr. Higgins was also playing with Eliza, her wish to be a lady gave him enough power over to control her. He knew that she’s supposed...
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