Compare And Contrast Halal Vs Kosher

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Research Paper: Halal vs Kosher Both Judaism and Islam promote strict adherence to dietary restrictions. Observers of the aforementioned monotheistic religions maintain these rigid regulations in obedience to their holy texts. Moreover, conforming to a set of cuisine regulations sets Jewish and Muslim people apart from those who do not practice their faith. Halal and kosher slaughter methods and meat quality have gained more recognition recently due to their profound effect on the meat industry. “There are many slaughter procedures that religions and cultures use around the world. The two that are commercially relevant are the halal and kosher methods practiced by Muslims and Jews respectively” (Farouka). Kosher and halal regulations influence …show more content…
The slaughter or shochet is a Jew who reverently observes Shabbat and is known for their good character. Oftentimes the shochet is a rabbi; however, industrial slaughterhouses typically employ a full-time shochet in order to increase productivity.

MOTIVATION FOR “KEEPING KOSHER” For many practicing Jews, keeping kosher is more than religiously following a strict set of laws, it is a lifestyle motivated by their love for God. Observing kosher laws also connects Jews with their ethnic group.
In Judaism, for those who keep kosher, observance of the dietary laws is both an opportunity for obedience to God and for preserving Jewish unity and identity. The importance of the laws of kashrut to the Jewish people has been demonstrated in times of persecution, in which Jews have been forced to eat non-kosher foods (usually pork) under penalty of death: many Jews chose to die rather than break kosher. (Kosher)
Evidently, keeping kosher remains a vital component of Jewish living. Adhering to strict food restrictions unites Jews around the globe to one another. Maintaining the high standards of kosher adds to the culture of Judaism and has proven to play an indispensable role in the lives of many reverent Jews.
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Similar to Kosher, halal restrictions are a vital aspect of everyday life and separate Muslims from infidels. Muslims believe Allah is pleased when Muslims follow the dietary laws outlined in the Quran. According to Kazi Siddiqui, a devout Muslim:
Amongst the good and pure things that Allah has allowed us to eat, we find an injunction that the meat of animals over which Allah’s name is invoked is halal. When we invoke Allah’s name at the time of taking the life of the animal, we basically acknowledge that all life belongs to Allah alone, and He alone has the right to give life and take away the life. Thus, by pronouncing His name, we acknowledge that we take the life of the animal with His permission for the sake of food and not out of impiety or out of disobedience to His laws (Siddiqui).
Carefully observing dietary restrictions helps Muslims earn their way to heaven. Islam is a works-based religion, thus eating halal is seen as a way to achieve good merit with God. The term halal refers more than just food. It is used to define any acceptable practicein Islam. Disregarding the laws “Allah” has established is equivalent to departing from the faith according to some conservative

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