Compare and Contrast: Engagement Ring vs Promise Ring

Topics: Marriage, Ring finger, Wedding ring Pages: 4 (1437 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Two circles enchanted with love and the promise of forever

A little girl’s fantasy final comes true; but it starts with one promise of two little words, I do. While this may take time for most girls, I am lucky enough to have two rings, my engagement ring and my promise ring. They both have not only physical features, but symbolic features as well as different stories and backgrounds of how they came to be in my possession; however, they share a single similar promise.

My grandmother originally gave me my promise ring.. One day she took me into Target and I just happened to spot the jewelry counter. At this time I really didn’t have any fancy rings that I could wear daily, and I wanted one so badly. I picked out the perfect one! It was sky blue and shaped like a heart. It was on a white gold ring, and beside the blue stone were tiny little dots of sterling silver that look like a flower. It was perfect since my favorite color was blue and it just had everything I wanted in a ring. But sadly, my grandmother said maybe another time. Disheartened, I turned away and we went on with our trip to Target. However, that Christmas, not to long from our Target adventure, my grandmother surprised me with a ring. Although I argued repeatedly that this could not be the ring I had originally picked out, she reassured me that it was. A couple of days after receiving the ring from my grandmother, I had to get a plate put into the backing because my fingers were too small, and the ring would just slid off. After the ring fit right, looked amazing, and made me so happy, I was finally content with it. At that moment I had decided that I wanted to wear the ring as much as possible. And so, I wore it everyday until I eventually took it off to much and then I wore it only occasionally when I would remember to wear it, and finally I eventually stopped wearing it all together because I forget about putting it back on my finger.

Several years down the road, my fiancé and I met. We...
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