Compare and Contrast Banquo Macbeth and Macduff

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Macbeth, Banquo, and Macduff are all very interesting and crucial to the play, Macbeth. They are also complex in a way. The most complex in my opinion is Macbeth. He is introduced at the the beginning as this one great hero thats just outstanding and wonderful, and everyone is esteeming him. He then sees the witches, that say he will be king of Cawdor. He is suddenly struck with the thought that he would have to kill Duncan for the the throne. This changes him and turns him into someone that he wasn’t, based in his actions. His wife, Lady Macbeth also helped with that. He killed his friend, Banquo, just because he had a threat to him. Banquo was Macbeth’s friend and was in the army of Duncan with Macbeth. He is not too much different than Macbeth at the beginning, but later stays the same while Macbeth kinda does his thing. Macduff starts at a different spot and stays there the whole play, away from Banquo and Macbeth. He is very smart, and likes to let his actions speak for his words, he doesn't talk too much. He really mourns the death of the king, which is what led him to be in charge of the crusade that tried to get rid of Macbeth.

So the similarities between these characters are that they are all very smart, strong men that do what they believe they should do. They all are determined people. They are different because of what can change them. MAcbeth, fame and the pressures of becoming someone in the future. Macduff, an injustice done to someone you know can bring something out of you that is different. And I think Banquo doesn't get phased too much so he won’t really change, which makes him different.
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