Compare and Contrast

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Genesis Civitico

ENC 1102

Prof. Durante

January 23, 2013

“What do we say to the Lord of Death? Not today.” Many people try to run away

from death as if it was something we can stop from happening. In fact we can’t, it is the

only thing guaranteed to us in this life. “Appointment in Samarra” and “Godfather Death”

are very good examples of this irony, they both talk about running away from the

character Death. Even though “Appointment in Samarra” is very analogous to “Godfather

Death” they share quite a few differences, though the authors’ use of language, ending,

and plot.

In “Appointment in Samarra” Maugham uses assertive language that depicts Death

in a negative way. He lets the reader know through his language the kind of fear the

character Death emits to the Merchant. “She looked at me and made a threatening

gesture…Death will not find me.”(Maugham 1). The reader can pinpoint with this fear

and understand the story better. On the other hand, in “Godfather Death” the character

welcomes Death in a normal manner, he isn’t afraid of having Death in front of him.

Also, the poor man wasn’t afraid to bluff Death the first nor the second time he was

performing the surgeries.

Every story has an ending, in “Appointment in Samarra” the Merchant thinks he is

getting away from his fate, Death but in fact he is actually running to it. It is very ironic

because Maugham mentions that Death was actually surprised that he had gone back to

Samarra where she had an appointment with him. On the contrary, in “Godfather Death”

the poor man knew there was going to be consequences to his actions, which he had been

warned about. Death told him to let the patient die if Death itself was standing by their

feet, and the poor man disobeyed him twice, he knew what he was getting into.

The plot of these stories varies in...
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