Comparative Register Analysis of Two Texts

Topics: Noun, United Kingdom Census 2001, Pronoun Pages: 25 (3781 words) Published: February 27, 2013
You should write 1500–2000 words in total (excluding any bibliographic references), which will primarily comprise the patterns and linguistic evidence you use in the analysis of the texts. You may find it effective to present some or all of your findings in tabular form. However you structure your analysis, it should be well-organised, well-explained, explicit and easy to understand without your marker having to check constantly where data examples are located in the texts.

You are also required to write one or two paragraphs drawing out the major differences between the two texts.

Please indicate the total number of words you have used at the end of your assignment.

The Task

The written text (Text 1) and face-to-face conversation (Text 2) below are both on the topic of the UK Census, which takes place every ten years in the United Kingdom. Read both texts and perform a comparative register analysis. You may find it helpful to refer to the ‘Scheme for register analysis’ at the end of Unit 8.



Oksana Markova

Transcriptions of both texts are enclosed as Appendices and for ease of reference the line numbers given in brackets. The line numbers and bibliographic references are not included in the word count.

| Text 1 |Text 2 | |Register analysis |Linguistic evidence |Register analysis |Linguistic evidence | |FIELD (Experiental meta-function). | |Semantic domain (Subject matter) |Lexical choice |Semantic domain (Subject matter) |Lexical choice | | |Can be identified by organizing the texts nouns and verbs ( sometimes | | | |(The building blocks of the text)|adjectives and adverbs into different topic and subtopic areas from which|(The building blocks of the text)| | |Further info: |they are drawn. (p31, b2.) | | | |U8: p8-16, p42-44 | | | | |U11: p140-141, p164-168 fiction, | | | | |p169-176 nature |To figure out registers list the textual categories that have names: (ex.| | | |U13: p65-67 |Letetrs, shopping list) | | | |Applying English Grammar chpt 14 | | | | | |...
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