Characteristics of Expository Writing

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April. 11, 2010
Characteristics of Expository writing
Q. Which characteristics make these essays expository?
A. I believe that both essays shared examples of evidence and facts to explain the concept in which they were writing. Q. Identify the type of organization each author used to develop the essay? A.“ Fishing Florida Online Magazine” I felt used an informative process, It gave a step by step process on how to clean and filet various kinds of fish. “ A Soul as Free as the Air” Used time order to produce a factual chronological timeline of accomplishments of Lucy Stone. It also showed the essay in an organized manner. Q. Why do you think the authors chose that type of organization for his or her essay? In which ways does this organizational choice make the essay effective? A. I felt that the author of the “Fishing Florida Online Magazine” essay used the informative process as a way to show an organized way to inform the readers how to clean and filet a fish based on their opinions and examples. I believe the author of “A soul as Free as the Air” chose a time order which was the proper way of the author to produce factual information in which Lucy Stone had achieved things throughout her life time. The author used a chronological time order. Q. In which ways are these essays alike? In which ways are they different? Explain your answer. A. I feel the essays are alike because they explained the topics in a clear and concise manner and both authors provided factual information that can be further researched. I felt they were different because one essay was based on a Lucy Stones life and the other essay was based on how to properly clean and filet a fish. They both used different organization in how they wrote the essay one was in time order where the other was a step by step method.
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