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Running head: How becoming a Company Officer has changed me

How becoming a Company Officer has changed me and traits that make me a good fire officer Captain John Elder
Fire and Emergency Services

This is probably the hardest transition you will ever make in the fire service. Without many good traits it will be even more difficult. You will go from being one of the guys to being their boss, and having to coach, discipline, train them. Everyone under you will look at you differently, you must always have your guard up and prepare, prepare, prepare. I will list the many traits that help me to be successful as a company officer, and how they will help you be successful as well. This transition is one of the scariest things you will ever do. Being one of the buddies to being the boss and expecting to have all the answers is not easy. Hopefully learning these traits and living them will help this transition a little easier. How becoming a Company Officer has changed me

and traits that make me a good fire officer

A company Officer is one of the most rewarding positions you can hold in the fire service. If you can possess good traits and a positive attitude you will be an outstanding officer. You must have a good relationship with your crew and your supervisors. We will discuss in this paper the many traits I have that make me a good fire officer.

The position of Company Officer is one of the most influential and important positions in the fire service. The Company Officer is the one member that the public sees when they call 911. He or she needs to be aware that they are always in the public eye. In this position you are always representing the fire department, you community, your chief; and you will serve as a conduit between administration and personnel. Personality traits are very important for this position. As we go along I will discuss the many traits that I possess that make me a great Company Officer. First and for most I will say part of my success is that I am 100% committed to customer service. Since a very young when I started working, I have learned that you always go that extra mile for your customers. I have owned my own business and that was my number one rule. With that business being very successful for 18 years, I never had to once do any advertising. I got all my business by repeat customers or word of mouth. I am also a very caring and affectionate person when it comes to people. Whether it’s my subordinates or my customers, my father always told me if you take care of people they will take care of you. In our line of work we have many customers. They could be patients that are seriously hurt or sick with an illness. It could be the family that there house is on fire. It could be someone who doesn’t even live here in our city, they could be traveling through. It doesn’t matter who they are, the point is they are a customer and they must be treated right. Another strong trait of mine would be honesty. Without this nothing else matters. I strongly believe no matter what the consequences are you must always be honest. If you are always honest with your crew they will never second guess anything you say. Honesty also plays a role in when you have to discipline someone. I have always told my crew I would always be honest even if they didn’t like the outcome. Knowledge would be a very strong trait of mine, but like I tell my crew, I will make mistakes. I have made mistakes before and I know I will make mistakes until the day I retire; unfortunately it’s in our nature. Knowledge is something we build on every day. Whether it’s in training or something we learn on a call. The old saying there is more than one way to skin a cat, let me tell you if that’s not the truth in the fire service. Therefore we can always learn new things or improve the way we do things. This will always increase our knowledge. Another important trait as a fire officer is integrity....

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