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This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sales force automation. Nowadays, salesperson in many companies have relied on top performers to keep competitive. That means a successful salesperson should take a special approach. Sales force automation is the system that contain the use of hardware and software to achieve automate the business tasks of sales and its also tie together functions, for example, sales tracking and expense reports. sales force automation also used to support customer relationship management (Ko and Dennis 2004, 311). The purpose of sales force automation system is to bring the effective of a company. In 1980, many companies began to examine sales force automation and got success at the end of this year and lead companies get increase sales 10 per cent to 30 per cent A survey from 1996 found that 2.2 million sales people were using sales force automation system in America (Engle and Barnes 2000, 216). Although sales force automation can lead benefits to company, it still has some disadvantages. Body

The advantages of sales force can be describe in different reviews and its to support the sales function. The first advantage of sales force automation is improving productivity of salespeople. Sales force automation provide specially technological tools to salesperson that can help to increase effectiveness and efficiency of their sales force (Boujena, Johnston and Merunka 2009, 138). A sales people can get more information by using sales force automation. So, they will know more information about customer's need and they can make a better decision. The main goal of sales force automation is to help salespeople finish their task in a efficiency way. Salespeople can work with sales force automation traveling or at home, that means they can save time and have enough time to search more information (Hunter and Perreault 2007). It has been estimated that customer management software revenues in 2007 is $14 billion, which shows a 12 percent increase over 2006 revenues (Weitz and Bradford 1999). Therefore, sales force automation is to help selling task of salespeople. The second advantages of sales force automation is to improve information processing. Sales force automation provide better ability about product, analyze, customer's behaviour and other competitor information. Sales force automation can be operate and quicker find information about customer records, product, news and competitor. Therefore, salespeople can better confirm different customer of different demand, and that helps company provide more new products for a huge mount customer (Taylor, 1994). Sales force automation also can help salespeople access to targeted information faster and save time to prepare for meeting presentation. By using of sales force automation, salespeople can use customer data and select information they need to put them in a appropriate position to know what customer need and then make decision. For example, salespeople can analyze customer records and identify accounts that may be good way for cross-selling and up-selling efforts (Jayachandran et al. 2005). Great information process helps salespeople do market segmentation and target different customers. The third advantage of sales force automation is to improve communication effectiveness. Sales technology tools help salespeople to increase their ability to have a good communicate with customer (Hunter and Perreault 2007). Salespeople can use their professional knowledges to describe the product or service. Therefore, that help them get a good understanding of customer's need and make customer know information of products. For example, salespeople can use interactive presentation tools to make a better comparison between their products and competitor products through automated sales configurations. Therefore, salespeople would find a effective method to solute customer's question. Sales force automation also can exchange information...
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