Companies Should Engage in Celebrity Endorsements

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Companies Should Engage in Celebrity Endorsements
In our economy today, there are many marketing strategies and tools businesses use to attract consumers. A marketing strategy is important in business because it is the company’s plan on how to increase the number of sales of their product or service. Businesses are aggressive when it comes to marketing. Their target market is one of their top priorities and they do their best to make their target market interested to their product. They usually make their target market more specific or more general in order to make way for new products because their target market depends on what type of marketing strategy to use. One example of a marketing strategy and tool is endorsing their product through celebrities – celebrity endorsement. Businesses allow celebrities to endorse their product because they think that a celebrity will make the product being endorsed popular to the target market. Consumers decide if they want to purchase the product based on, first, the product and the second, the advertisement. In a celebrity endorsement, the advertisement depends on the celebrity. If the celebrity is popular in the industry, chances are that the product will be advertised to wider range of potential consumers because of the celebrity’s own popularity. Celebrity endorsement is one of many ways of advertising a certain product, and it is very common nowadays that some companies usually depend on celebrities as their marketing tool. Celebrity endorsements, according to many economists, do work because in the popular culture, celebrities are the mainstream in the society. Companies should engage celebrity endorsements in order to increase the sales of the product they wish to introduce in the market and for the chances of the product to become popular and known to the industry.

Companies should allow celebrities endorse product for them if they wish to make a product memorable to potential buyers. Celebrity endorsement is...

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