Marketing - Celebrities in Promoting Products

Topics: Marketing, Celebrity, Celebrities Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: May 8, 2006
In the present market, there are many kinds of marketing methods. The products and services become more and more various. The marketing strategies also must be arranged more and more sophisticated. Using of celebrities to represent and promote products and services is the one of method. This is a special form of advertisement. Some enterprises are good at using this method, some enterprises will ask: Why is there no any echoes after put in a large amount of money?

Celebrities are asked to represent products and services which the enterprises expect that consumers can come to like and use their products and services because the fancies of the famous people. Using of celebrities representing the products and services may increase the sales volume produced and raise the popularity and credibility of enterprises. The celebrities can make enterprises become famous in a period of a night, even become the focus that the public pay close attention to discuss. This method may be the most low-priced advertising way. Perhaps only a very short time of picture or the famous person just appears only a smile in the advertisement, but it has been taken away one million by the famous person. Sometimes it may cause discussion of the masses if that worth such amount of money. This makes the names of enterprises appear on every news media frequently, do the free advertisement many times for enterprise and products and services. This improving of popularity of enterprises exceeds the anticipated result.

Once enterprises select the famous person to promote the sale of products and services, the destiny of enterprises bundled with the image of the famous person together. This seems to be doing stakes. Various kinds of reasons may cause the sales volume of the products and services to drop. The images of enterprises will be damaged naturally as well. Sometimes because of enterprise's own factors, it causes a large amount of advertising expense of waste.

The celebrities¡¦...

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