community project paper

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Community Project Paper

Local and Community Development Policy

A national Local and Community Development Policy should be developed, by doing so this should lock out all other priorities involved. The framework for a cross government approach at the local level city or county should incorporate an all-state funded for the development of the community intervention. This is a five year plan that is prepared for coinciding with the electoral cycle of the government sponsored by the Department of Environment, the community, local development programs and the community and the locals are funded by government agencies. For cost priorities should be based on adequate needs. Local communities, typically the communities that challenges the laws of the nation states from which they have become a part of. As a product of their physical cultures the world has emerged in majority of these constituencies. Indigenous communities’ searches about how the divided societies can operate below the policing of the community. How has community policing changed and evolved over time? Whether formal or informal, not uniformed or uniformed partnerships are developed with local businesses and other organizations to converting operation if any arise. In the region there are roles played by community policing, which includes the emphasis of calls for conducting services, help and other advice offered to the citizen, which they keep a record of whose moving and where they are located. Attributes sets other models apart from the special cultural community (Nalla, 2003). Organizational attributes includes the regional and national organization, which the hierarchy of control is present. The community effectiveness in preventing disorder and reducing the crime. The policy cannot be enforced without the ranks from the resident of its citizens. The strategy itself is complicated, but in context, which is very little of if any consent, it is an aspirational practice aimed to help police and communities within contested contexts to recognize that positive gains can be made, enabling communities to live in relative safety. Problems vary from place to place, from person to person all in the same area. Having to analyze a community and its problems are somewhat impossible. The reason you solve or think you solve one issue just to run into another. Before many people if in the proper state of mind frame when thinking before acting upon the problem finds ways of coming up with a valuable solution identifying a reason that the problem occurred in the first place. There are many techniques to analyzing problem that are built through the community, which requires very simple logic into solving a problem that would have not arose in the first place. All that is stated there are ways to strategize and the government coming up with so form of a solution tied into one. Improving governance and public administration enhances the state’s capability to bring on new tasks as well as other roles that are widely recognized. For achieving good governance it is necessary for the Millennium Development Goals, which eliminates hunger and poverty achieving positive outlook of education, combating terminal diseases and illnesses, and promoting of partnership for global development. To enhance and strengthen governance, developing countries are taking partnership to increase their financial support for the effectiveness of public administration. The government takes on a lot of roles: a central planner and controller the economy, the primary provider of goods and services, as well as economic growth, which has been discredited because well-functioning in countries that are seeking to promote nationwide effectiveness ("Public Administration and Democratic Governance: Governments Serving Citizens ", 2006). In the 21st century the governments are facing all types of challenges, therefore they are looking for...

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